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Bring expert chimney care to your Columbus apartment community with The Mad Hatter, leaders in apartment chimney sweep and chimney cleaning services. Established in 1978, our family-owned business has been committed to excellence in chimney maintenance. Regular apartment chimney inspections are vital for removing harmful soot and creosote, ensuring your chimneys function efficiently.

Our chimney sweep technicians are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and undergo thorough training to be qualified to clean all chimney types. All of our employees are drug tested and background checked. Our apartment chimney sweep service includes thoroughly inspecting and cleaning fireplaces and chimneys, providing peace of mind for residents and management. Contact us below to get started with your free consultation.

Benefits of Annual Apartment Chimney Cleanings & Inspections

How To Prepare Your Chimney and Fireplace for WinterThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an annual chimney inspection to check for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. These inspections are crucial even if cleaning, maintenance, or repairs aren’t immediately necessary.

• Mitigates the Risk of Chimney Fires in Units: Promotes the removal of hazardous creosote buildup in apartment chimneys, decreasing the likelihood of fire incidents.

• Identifies Structural Integrity Concerns: Professional inspections can reveal any deterioration, ensuring that all apartment chimneys are structurally sound.

• Averts Expensive Repairs in the Long Term: Early identification of structural issues in chimneys can prevent larger, more costly repairs in the future, preserving property value.

• Optimizes Heating Efficiency Across the Property: Regular chimney cleaning promotes better airflow and efficient heating in each unit, leading to reduced heating costs for tenants.

• Maintains Healthy Air Quality in Apartments: Proper venting prevents harmful gases from entering living spaces, crucial for tenant health and comfort.

• Extends Chimney Service Life in the Complex: Regular maintenance helps keep communal chimneys in optimal condition for longer, avoiding premature replacement costs.

• Prevents Wildlife Interference in Chimneys: Inspections can detect and address animal nesting, maintaining the integrity and functionality of communal chimneys.

• Upholds Compliance with Insurance Policies: Many property insurance policies require regular chimney maintenance.

• Assures Compliance with Building Codes: Regular checks ensure that chimneys in the apartment complex meet local building standards, important for regulatory compliance.

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Our Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning Process

The Mad Hatter will clean your chimney with specially designed brushes and powered cleaning tools suitable for your chimney type. The removed residue type is also considered when deciding which equipment to use. Industrial vacuums are used for airborne dust control. Drop cloths and other measures are also used to protect your tenant’s furnishings. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect and sweep all kinds of first —and second-story chimneys. While cleaning your system, we ensure your chimney is working. Our certified chimney technicians will look for any problems that could prevent peak performance and recommend what your system needs to burn more efficiently. 

Chimney Cleanings and Sweeping

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Amazing Job! The Mad Hatter Technicians did an amazing job bringing my 7-year-old grill back to life. The cleaning of the inside and the new grill covers have restored my grill back to its original condition. I will definitely use Mad Hatter again in the future. Thank you!
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Darrin Straub Avatar
Darrin Straub
Excellent service! Had water in my fireplace. I highly recommend Fred R. and Santiago. They replaced the fireplace. They were knowledgeable and professional. Santiago and his crew were timely. They cleaned the work area daily and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this team and the Mad Hatter.
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gloria banks Avatar
gloria banks
We should have written this long ago. I don’t write many reviews but this company is special. I cannot believe how good they were to us. Spent forever explaining things and going out of their way to help us understand the process and all the while knowing we may not be quite ready to make a purchase. Such nice and informative people. Beautiful, Quality products. Thank you again.
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Valerie Passavant