What Does A Fireback Do?

what are the benefits of a fireback

A fireback is a heavy-duty piece of steel or iron that is placed against the back wall of the fireplace. They are typically flat or tri-fold and are excellent for reflecting heat back into the room. A fireback is an easy way to improve fireplace efficiency.

How To Use The Big Green Egg EGGSpander

How to use the big green egg eggspander

How To Use The Big Green Egg EGGSpander The EGGspander accessory for the Big Green Egg is the ultimate expansion system that allows you to maximize grill space! The Big Green Egg EGGspander system provides over 40 different combinations of multi-tier and multi-zone cooking setups for your egg.  Click here to shop for the EGGspander […]

What Does A Chimney Rain Pan Do?

What does a chimney cap do

If your chimney currently does not have any cover, consider installing a custom chimney cap. You’ll receive the following benefits to your home as a result.

Common Causes for Chimney Leaks & How To Fix Them

Common Causes for Chimney Leaks & How To Fix Them

A chimney leak can create structural damage and cause mold to form within your home. There are a handful of reasons why your chimney may be leaking, so narrowing down the cause is easy. The Mad Hatter can inspect your chimney and perform all recommended fixes if you suspect that you have a chimney leak.

Why You Should Hire a National Chimney Sweep Guild Certified Professional​

Why Hire A National Chimney Sweep Guild Certified Professional

Hiring a certified chimney professional for your annual chimney sweep and inspection will guarantee the safety and effectiveness of your chimney. We understand that finding qualified technicians to service your home can be challenging. By looking for chimney professionals certified with the NCSG, you’ll have peace of mind that the job will be done right.

Who Do You Call For a Leaking Chimney?

Who do you call for a leaking chimney

You may be wondering who you should call if you have a leaking chimney. While your instinct may be to call your trusted roofing company, it is better to call a certified chimney company, such as The Mad Hatter. Here’s why.

How To Make Traditional Fireplaces More Efficient

How to make a traditional fireplace more efficient

A traditional fireplace uses coal or wood to produce a flame. While it’s no surprise that traditional fireplaces are less efficient than their gas counterparts, there are still ways you can increase the efficiency of your traditional fireplace.

How To Clean and Maintain Your Big Green Egg

How to clean and maintain your big green egg

It is recommended that you perform basic maintenance and cleaning on your Big Green Egg to ensure it performs at its best all year long. These quick cleaning and maintenance tips will get you back to grilling in no time!

7 Benefits of a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Benefits of a professional dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vents need to be inspected and professionally cleaned regularly to maintain the health of your appliance. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were estimated to be 13,820 home structure fires per year between 2014 and 2018, in which dryers were involved in the ignition.

10 Tips for Grilling with Charcoal

10 tips for grilling with charcoal

It’s no wonder why so many Americans love grilling with charcoal. A charcoal BBQ grill gives off a smoky flavor that makes the process of igniting the coals well worth it. Charcoal is commonly found in the supermarket, but cooking with charcoal is more involved than using a gas or electric grill. Once you get the basics under your belt, or should we say apron, you’ll be a charcoal grilling expert in no time!