How To Light Your Big Green Egg & Maintain It's Temperature

How To Light Your Big Green Egg & Maintain It's Temperature

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The foundational concept of the Big Green Egg revolves around utilizing 100% organic lump charcoal to offer a vibrant live fire cooking experience. This lump charcoal ignites promptly and reaches the appropriate cooking temperature within mere minutes, eliminating the need for lighter fluid. The Big Green Egg’s specialized configuration features a draft door that modulates the airflow entering the fire box. This, along with the hermetically sealed ceramic cooking chamber and the rEGGulator vent cap, grants meticulous temperature control with a mere gesture.

Start by filling the ceramic fire box or the Stainless Steel Fire Bowl with Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal. It is vital to refrain from using quick-light charcoal products or briquettes as they have harmful fillers and chemicals that might taint your food’s taste and infiltrate the EGG’s ceramic interior. The Big Green Egg lump charcoal is a premium selection that contains no additives, safeguarding the natural essence of your dishes.

Lighting The Big Green Egg

Many find lighting the fire to be a delightful ritual that heightens the anticipation and enjoyment of utilizing the EGG. Engaging with a live flame guarantees effortless, enjoyable outcomes highlighted by exceptional flavors. Here are three natural and speedy alternatives for initiating the fire:

Option 1: SpeediLight™ Natural Charcoal Starters

These compressed blocks of sawdust, imbued with natural paraffin wax, are your go-to solution for rapid ignition. With the draft door fully opened and the lid uplifted, place one or two SpeediLight™ starters amidst the charcoal and ignite them with a match or a long-nosed lighter. Close the lid and adjust the dampers to attain the preferred temperature within about 8 to 10 minutes or once a few coals are glowing. Your EGG is ready for cooking when the ideal temperature is reached.


Option 2: Electric Charcoal Starter or the Electric EGGniterElectric Charcoal Starter

In the presence of an electrical outlet, these devices serve as foolproof methods to ignite the charcoal quickly. The Electric Charcoal Starter is designed to nestle directly into the coals, offering a quick ignition without requiring matches. Alternatively, the Electric EGGniter can heat the air sufficiently to ignite the coal in nearly seven minutes. Disconnect from power, remove from the EGG once the coals are burning, and modify the dampers to set the desired temperature.


Option 3: Butane Charcoal EGGniterButane Lighter

Using the battery-powered Refillable Butane Charcoal EGGniter allows you to bypass the need for an electrical outlet. Press the button to engage the adjustable torch flame and light the charcoal. Utilize the built-in air blower to amplify the flame, then adjust the dampers when a substantial amount of coals are ignited.


Managing The Temperature Inside Your Big Green Egg

Mastering the precise cooking temperature is simplified with the external temperature gauge and adjustable draft openings. To reduce temperature, lessen the airflow by contracting the openings of the rEGGulator and the draft door. Conversely, amplify the temperature by broadening the dampers. You can refine temperature control to a few degrees with time, even during extended cooking periods. Use the draft door for substantial adjustments and the rEGGulator for finer control.

Bluetooth Dome Thermometer – The Ultimate Temperature Monitor

Bluetooth Dome Thermometer

Attach the innovative Bluetooth Dome Thermometer to your EGG’s dome to remotely oversee the cooking temperatures from your phone. The accompanying app facilitates temperature alerts, timer settings, and toggling between Celsius and Fahrenheit, covering a wide temperature spectrum of 32° F to 842°F.

How To Put Out the Fire

Post-cooking, completely close both dampers to sever the air supply, effectively putting out the fire and conserving unburned charcoal for future uses. Due to the ceramic structure retaining high heat, wait at least 24 hours before extracting the ash with the Ash Removal Pan.

Rekindling the EGG

Utilizing the leftover natural lump charcoal from your previous cooking session is feasible and economical. Before rekindling your EGG, use the Ash Tool to spread the remaining coals evenly across the Fire Grate, allowing any residual ash to descend through the grate’s gaps. Utilize the Ash Removal Pan to discard the collected ash from the bottom, then top up with fresh charcoal before lighting it anew.

Cleanup Is Easy

Designed for ease of use, the Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Fire Bowl facilitates straightforward cleanup post-cooking. The dual handles make it effortless to lift the charcoal out of the EGG, allowing you to efficiently shake off the cooled ash and enhance airflow, promising quicker start-ups for your next culinary adventure.

We trust these guidelines will assist you in making the most of your Big Green Egg experience, helping you master the art of live fire cooking with ease and finesse. Happy grilling!