What’s The Difference Between Liquid Propane & Natural Gas Grills?

What's The Difference Between Liquid Propane & Natural Gas Grills?

When it comes to grilling, the choice between liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) grills is a significant one. The primary difference lies in fuel delivery: natural gas grills require a piped-in line installed by your local utility company. In contrast, liquid propane grills use portable tanks that are available at many retail locations. Each type offers unique benefits and drawbacks, making it essential to understand these differences to select the best grill for your needs.

Benefits Of Our Grill Cleaning & Restoration Service

Grill Cleaning & Restoration

Hey, Atlanta grill enthusiasts! Imagine a sunny Saturday afternoon, you’re firing up your grill, and instead of dealing with pesky old charred food remnants or stubborn grill grates, you’re starting with a pristine, gleaming grill that’s as good as new. Sounds perfect, right? This dream can now become a reality, thanks to The Mad Hatter’s new service offerings in Atlanta. We’re here to transform your grilling experience with our top-notch cleaning and restoration services.

Gas vs Charcoal Grills

Gas Grill vs Charcoal Grill

The age-old debate of gas grills versus charcoal grills is ongoing among grilling enthusiasts. The main difference between them is that gas grills use propane or natural gas, and charcoal grills rely on burning charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. Each type of grill boasts its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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Understanding The Different Types of Charcoal

The type of charcoal you use when grilling can significantly impact the taste and overall experience. With so many types of charcoal available, it’s important that you know what you are using and how it will affect your food. This article discusses five different types of charcoal, including lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes, hardwood briquettes, coconut shell charcoal, and binchotan. Each type of charcoal boasts its own set of pros and cons and unique benefits.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Built-In Bull Gas Grill

Custom outdoor Kitchen will bull built in

Check out our most recent custom outdoor kitchen and grill project! The craftsmen at The Mad Hatter are experts in creating stunning outdoor kitchens that are both beautiful and functional. You choose the grill, granite, stone, and accessories, and we’ll work with you to design the outdoor