What Does A Fireback Do?

what are the benefits of a fireback

What Is A Fireback?

A fireback is a heavy-duty piece of steel or iron that is placed against the back wall of the fireplace. They are typically flat or tri-fold and are excellent for reflecting heat back into the room. A fireback is an easy way to improve fireplace efficiency. 

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What Are The Benefits of A Fireback?

The construction quality of your fireplace will affect how efficiently it can heat your living room. If you want to make your fireplace more efficient, consider adding a fireback to your fireplace and enjoy these benefits.

Increased Heating Efficiency

A fireback reflects heat from your fireplace outward into the living area of your home. Without a fireback, a large percentage of heat escapes through the chimney. This is why you may only sometimes feel a steady stream of warmth when you light a bare fire in your fireplace. The steel or iron fireback will absorb a portion of the heat that may escape through the chimney and reflect it back into the room. This is an easy, ‘Install-once-and-you’re-done’ way to increase your fireplace’s heating efficiency. 

Protects The Back Wall of Your Fireplace

Firebacks were created during colonial times to protect the rear masonry of a fireplace wall. The back wall of your fireplace is susceptible to extreme heat and has materials, like daub and soft stone, that will corrode when exposed to constant heat. Firebacks are strategically designed to lean against the back wall (and side wall if you have a tri-fold fireback) and offer excellent protection from heat.  

Aesthetically Pleasing

Fireplaces are beautiful when they have a roaring fire, but what about when they are not in use? A fireback can add a decorative element to your otherwise plain fireplace. 

How To Choose The Right Fireback For Your Fireplace

Iron firebacks are best for gas fireplaces. For wood fireplaces, you can use either iron or steel. Stainless steel firebacks are less expensive than their iron counterparts and generally have no intricate designs. They still work as intended to provide you with the benefits of a fireback listed above. 

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