6 Benefits of Gas Logs Versus Firewood

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Fires provide warmth, beauty, and comfort to your home. If you own a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you may already realize that they take time and effort to maintain. On the other hand, gas logs can be enjoyed at the press of a button and are virtually hassle-free. They even offer a flame that is as realistic looking as burning traditional firewood. If you’re fed up with the hassle of conventional firewood, consider converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas logs

Still not convinced? Here are 6 benefits of gas logs over conventional firewood.

1 – Gas Logs Are Safer Than Firewood

Gas logs don’t burn any physical material, so there are no sparks, embers, fumes, or smoke to worry about. This means a drastically reduced chance of a stray spark burning your rug and no harmful pollutants that can trigger coughing, wheezing, or asthma attacks. Gas Logs are the safer option if you have pets or children in your home.

2 – Gas Logs Are Eco-Friendly

The Environmental Protection Agency says that gas logs produce fewer emissions than firewood because they burn propane or natural gas. Firewood creates more carbon dioxide when burned compared to gas logs as well. Lastly, gas logs don’t require trees to be chopped down to enjoy a fire in your home.

3 – Gas Logs Are Easy To Use

Lighting your gas logs is as simple as flicking a switch, tapping a remote, or lighting a match, depending on what model gas logs you have. It’s equally as easy to turn them off when you’re done. 

4 – Gas Logs Are Mess-Free

Since gas logs don’t burn physical material, no ash or soot is produced when you burn them. This means you’ll no longer need to clean up ash in and around your fireplace. Some maintenance, such as an annual chimney and fireplace inspection, will still be required to enjoy your gas logs safely.

5 – Gas Logs Are More Cost-Effective

The cost of traditional firewood is on the rise. Natural gas and liquid propane are cheaper to burn than firewood, with natural gas being the most cost-effective option. You’ll find that over time, gas logs are more affordable than buying conventional firewood and maintaining a safe wood-burning fireplace.

6 – Gas Logs Save You Time

Not only are gas logs more cost-effective than firewood, but they also take less time to enjoy and maintain. Gas logs can be turned on and off at your leisure. Another benefit of gas logs is that you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you want to burn a fire but are out of materials. You won’t have to go to the store or the side of the road for firewood anymore. You can stay in your house and enjoy a warm, cozy flame whenever you want.

Purchase Your Gas Logs From The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter offers vented and vent-free gas logs in various wood styles and sizes. We also provide professional gas log installation if you purchase your logs from us. A trained technician will travel to your location to install your new gas logs and train you to operate them properly. This gas log installation service is optional and an additional fee. 

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