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Who Do You Call For a Leaking Chimney?

Who do you call for a leaking chimney

You may be wondering who you should call if you have a leaking chimney. While your instinct may be to call your trusted roofing company, it is better to call a certified chimney company, such as The Mad Hatter. Here’s why.

7 Common Chimney Dangers & How To Prevent Them

Common chimney dangers and how to prevent them

The primary function of a chimney is to direct smoke, carbon dioxide, and other byproduct gases away from the fireplace and out of the house. Chimneys are one of the most overlooked home features that require routine maintenance. Without proper care, your chimney may suffer from common chimney dangers, including creosote buildup, liner damage, draft obstructions, mold, brick damage, rotting wood, and even fires. 

5 Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

5 Benefits of annual chimney inspections

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the national safety standard is that all “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.” This applies to all chimneys, no matter how often you use your chimney

Chimney Chase Restoration

Chimney Chase Restoration We Restore Damaged Chimney Chases! The Mad Hatter can restore the damaged chimney chase at your home or on chimneys located around your apartment community. We also offer custom chimney caps and rain pans to help keep moisture and wildlife out of your chimney. Contact our team for a free service quote. Proud […]

Chimney Caps and Rain Pans

Chimney Caps and Rain Pans Why Buy Your Chimney Cap From The Mad Hatter? Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Previous Next Add Value To Your Home With Our Custom Made Chimney Caps! The Mad Hatter proudly carries and installs custom chimney caps. Our master metal fabricators […]

Chimney Inspection


Chimney Inspections NFPA Chimney Inspection Procedure Professional chimney sweeps generally offer an inspection service that will meet one of three levels of inspection. The NFPA Inspection procedure details for the homeowner and the inspector what parts of the chimney should be inspected under a given set of circumstances. When seeking a chimney inspection, the homeowner should […]

Chimney Relining and Restoration

Chimney Restoration & Relining We Proudly Use Guardian Chimney Liners® The revolutionary Guardian Chimney Liner® is the safest and most effective way of relining masonry chimneys. Using the “cast-in-place” technique, the Guardian system actually eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild an existing chimney, resulting in substantial savings. How Guardian Chimney Liners Work Poured […]

Chimney Repair & Reconstruction

Chimney Repair & Reconstruction Schedule Chimney Repair Service The Mad Hatter is one of the largest family-owned chimney service companies in the Southeast. We offer the full range of chimney repairs for your chimney and fireplace system, including tuckpointing, masonry repairs, fixing leaks, and relining your chimney flue. We even rebuild chimneys. Trust the local […]

Commercial Chimney Services

Commercial Chimney Services Commercial & Apartment Chimney Specialists We specialize in working with Apartment Communities throughout Metro Atlanta.  We can set up regular inspection schedules to meet your requirements, specifically before the cold season when it may be too late to prevent chimney incidents.   Our Chimney Sweeps are certified by Certified Chimney Professional (CCP), where […]

Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning

Chimney Repair

Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning Atlanta’s Chimney Sweeping Specialists The Mad Hatter has specialized in chimney sweeping and cleaning since 1978. It is the first service that we offered in 1978 and we still continue to hone and improve our service for you. All chimneys should be inspected annually and swept when needed to remove byproducts […]