Chimney Chase Restoration

Chimney Chase Restoration GA LICENSE CR108397 We Restore Damaged Chimney Chases! The Mad Hatter can restore the damaged chimney chase at your home or on chimneys located around your apartment community. We also offer custom chimney caps and rain pans to help keep moisture and wildlife out of your chimney. Contact our team for a […]

Chimney Caps and Rain Pans

Chimney Caps and Rain Pans GA LICENSE CR108397 Why Buy Your Chimney Cap From The Mad Hatter? Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Before After Previous Next Add Value To Your Home With Our Custom Made Chimney Caps! The Mad Hatter proudly carries and installs custom made chimney caps. […]

Chimney Inspection


Chimney Inspections GA LICENSE CR108397 NFPA Chimney Inspection Procedure Professional chimney sweeps generally offer an inspection service that will meet one of three levels of inspection. The NFPA Inspection procedure details for the homeowner and the inspector what parts of the chimney should be inspected under a given set of circumstances. When seeking a chimney inspection, […]

Chimney Relining and Restoration

Chimney Restoration & Relining GA LICENSE CR108397 We Proudly Use Guardian Chimney Liners® The revolutionary Guardian Chimney Liner® is the safest and most effective way of relining masonry chimneys. Using the “cast-in-place” technique, the Guardian system actually eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild an existing chimney, resulting in substantial savings. How Guardian Chimney […]

Chimney Repair & Reconstruction

Chimney Repair & Reconstruction GA LICENSE CR108397 Waterproofing/Repair & Restoration We offer the full range of repairs to chimney systems, big and small—from repairing leaky flashing to tuckpointing and masonry repair to relining the flue and chimney rebuilding. No job is too big or too small! We Rebuild Fireplaces and Crowns Water damage resulting from […]