What Does A Chimney Rain Pan Do?

A chimney rain pan is a piece of heavy gauge powder-coated galvanized steel that covers the opening of your chimney and serves several purposes, the foremost being to keep rain and moisture out of your structure.
Chimneys that have a deteriorating or improperly fitting rain pan are prone to water and structural damage. Neglecting your chimney rain pans can cost you a tremendous amount in the long run. If you have chimney rain pans that are deteriorating or ill-fitting, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. The Mad Hatter can install a custom chimney rain pan to fit your chimney’s exact dimension and shape.

Benefits of a Chimney Rain Pan

Keeps Rain and Moisture Out Of Your Chimney

If your rain pans are deteriorating or improperly installed, rain and moisture can cause severe structural damage. The frame within your chimney and fireplace is not waterproof. These components will deteriorate faster when damp, and your chimney liner may also become damaged. Installing a new custom chimney rain pan will help keep moisture out and protect the structural integrity of your chimney system.

Inhibits Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria Growth

Excess moisture within your chimney will contribute to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth within your chimney. Mold remediation can be much more expensive than the cost of the proper maintenance of your chimney. It makes sense to protect your investment with a properly installed chimney rain pan.

Protects Structures From Animals and Debris

Squirrels, birds, and other wildlife animals love dark, warm places to claim their habitat. Your chimney provides just that. A properly functioning custom chimney rain pan will prevent access to your chimneys by animals and will prevent them from building nests or leaving droppings inside of your chimneys.

Contact The Mad Hatter For a Custom Chimney Rain Pan Installation

The Mad Hatter proudly carries and installs custom chimney rain pans. Our master metal fabricators have over 30 years of experience fabricating powder-coated heavy-gauge galvanized chimney rain pans. Over the years, we have accumulated valuable feedback from the industry, which has resulted in a product that is customized to any need. Give us a call today for a professional consultation!